Nanotech Protective Coatings

Nanotechnology Ltd is the industry leader in the application of ceramic protective solutions across a range of sectors including cars and vehicles, maritime, and aviation.

Nanotech ceramic coatings (such as nano paint for cars and paint sealant) help businesses and individuals protect their high value investments. We work with you to develop and design a protective coating to meet unique challenges – everything from protecting against corrosion and road-chip damage to maintaining an ‘as new’ finish.

Science-wise, Nanotech protective coatings are based on the latest molecular scale technology available. This provides complete durability and unparalleled strength. Our 20-year experience in applying protective coatings on a commercial scale means we’re able to offer the best and most cost-effective solution on the market.

Benefits of Nanotech’s protective coatings include:
Expert application
Maintains ‘as new’ finish
Protection from UV
Protection from salt water and salt air
Long warranties
Easy cleaning
Accelerated weather and ‘real life’ testing