Nano Technology Auto Protection

Car Nano protection applied by professionals.

Nanotech ceramic coating for cars is widely regarded as the best nano coating for vehicles. It’s applied by our certified technicians under a controlled environment and comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Nanotech ceramic coating makes surfaces three times harder than diamonds, protecting against stone chips and scratching. Thanks in no small part to our 20 years of experience, it’s widely regarded as the best nano coating for vehicles.

After Nanotech’s automotive guard paint and plastic protection has been applied by our experts, there’s no need to wax for three years as the showroom look can be achieved with a simple wash and dry. Unlike some other products, top-ups or monthly maintenance is not required.

rs-smallProtects against:

  • Oxidisation caused by the sun’s UV rays (this can degrade paintwork)
  • Fade and corrosion caused by general road dirt and grime
  • Road de-icing salts and chemicals
  • Stone chips and scratches
  • Oil and fuel spills
  • Acid rain
  • Road tar and bird droppings


  • Creates an unparalleled shine
  • Premium detailed look, all year round
  • No waxing required for three years
  • Your vehicle will be 90% clean after heavy rain
  • Repels snow and ice, no need for scraping
  • Brake dust can be removed from alloy wheels simply with water only (no harsh chemicals required)
  • Protects against lime, tar, acids and salt
  • Three-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Can protect residual value

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