Let’s Get Technical

Let’s get technical

Nanotech’s ceramic coatings are applied by certified technicians. They protect paint, plastic, carbon-fibre, metal, stone and gel-coat surfaces from degradation. They improve the gloss finish even on new cars. They can also be applied to matt paint without changing the finish, while creating an easy to maintain surface that’s water repellent and less prone to staining.

Thanks to market leading technology and chemistry, Nanotech-coated surfaces are protected against: ice clearing chemicals, salts and acidic chemicals (used on the roads in winter months), contaminated rain, bird lime, tree sap, fuel spills, graffiti and more.

Nanotech’s ceramic coatings last up to five years and make surfaces very easy to clean. There’s no need for elaborate waxes or complex cleaning products. Once coated, an ‘as new’ finish can be achieved with a simple wash and dry.